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The Aranda Shops
68 Bandjalong Crescent 
Aranda, ACT 2614



How it all began

In late 2014, the ‘Aranda Shops’ were revitalised by the crew from Two Before Ten, who were searching for a new location to house their well renowned coffee roaster, Hank.  Ultimately, the venture grew much larger than anticipated, two shops turning into an entire building. Lucky for us, they did and they had a vision, a good one!
So Illeso studio was born.

Meaning behind Illeso

Illeso is Italian for unharmed, unhurt, undamaged. Fitting, considering the Aranda Shops were in a derelict state and at a point of destruction, now reborn and re-energised into a cosmopolitan suburban hub. This is also how we intend to help, improve and leave our clients who visit and attend Illeso; re-energised and unharmed in whichever way YOU choose. 

Purpose of our Studio

To keep things dynamic, interchangeable and interesting, we have a variety of classes, instructors and businesses working within Illeso. Bringing the community into the studio and to the Aranda Shops. Making it a hub for a range of disciplines, providing diversity and something for everyone no matter your age, fitness level, schedule, or well being. We want you to be comfortable with calling Illeso home.
The Aranda Shops is a truly dynamic place. Come for a massage, fitness class with friends or shopping at Meet Gather Collect. While upstairs, start your day with coffee or brunch at Two Before Ten and in the evening, sit down to a steak and vino at 10Yards.

We are proud of the Aranda Shops and how it has developed and we hope it, along with Illeso, will continue to grow and meet your needs while inspiring you to become a part of our community.