Meet Cass
Cass, owner & founder of River & Ridge Yoga, teaches yoga because she loves what it has brought to her life and felt compelled to pass on the benefits in a sustainable and uplifting way, whatever your motivation for arriving on the mat may be.

Strength, resilience and persistence, flexibility, adaptability and calm. Physically and emotionally, these are the reasons she loves and shares her practice. And it is practice - for life. We can grow and find something new every time. 

Cass creates sequences inspired by the power and fluidity of nature: the bold stability of mountains, the flowing calm of streams. She is also inspired by her students. She designs classes for feelings, situations, for life. Your life. Truly. Balancing strength & flexibility in mind and body, classes are tailored to your interests and lifestyle so that you can carry the benefits through your day-to-day, and look forward to the next meeting . 

Cass' aim is to connect you with your strength, and your calm. To provide you with and remind you of ways to connect with yourself and the world. And to encourage a return to the true meaning of yoga; Union. Not a narrowed focus on physicality or poses, nor on the innumerable benefits for mind and emotional health, but the marriage of the two. She designs her offerings not as an escape, but as a check-in, and a set of tools which you carry with you beyond the studio, and beyond the mat.

Cass is passionate about people and language, and living a soul-nourishing, fulfilling life. She will be forever grateful that her strongest loves and curiosities have led her to combine her passions in teaching.

She teaches yoga because it helps us to better connect - with ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. It always has our backs. It doesn't get angry at us for not calling, it just smiles when we drop by - even if it's for five minutes. 


Inspired by the steady strength of mountains and the flowing freedom of water, this class incorporates low and slow postures (yin) with uplifting movement (yang), mindful meditation, and breath. A 75 minute class designed to ground and calm as well as lift and rejuvenate.

Mondays 6:30pm