Come get upside-down! We will work on some safe entries to handstands, some safe drills to increase our strength and control, and add some planche and forearmstand action at the end. Have a question? Reach out!

Saturday's 1:15pm fortnightly at Illeso.

About Jane

I'm still on my own journey - but I love bringing people along on their own!

Hi, my name is Tara!

Since starting my teaching journey just over a year ago I have taught at a number of facilities in Canberra and up-skilled in flexibility, aerial hoop, silks, handbalancing. I have certifications in systems valuing not just efficacy but with a potent focus on safety as well. 
Canberra born-and-bred, I love the vibe of the many places I've worked and the many beautiful people I've had the opportunities to work with. I love working with clients who are at the very start of their journey, and helping clients who want to revise skills or add-on to skills they already have. 

I am the champion of achievable goals and healthy progressions!