Meet LeanBean
LeanBean Yoga is run by Ewelina and was started in 2015 to bring a slightly sillier and intentioned yoga style to Sydneysiders. Having recently moved to Canberra, Ewelina thinks the same gap exists in Canberra. While yoga brings innumerable physical and mental health benefits to those who practice, the focus of LeanBean is on the experience rather than the result.


Have you ever said you’re ‘bad at yoga’ because you can’t touch your toes? Or perhaps you’ve been practicing yoga for a while now, but you’re just not sure if you’re ‘doing it right’. Or maybe you’re left with niggles (or pain!) after you do certain poses.


LeanBean Yoga focuses on guiding you through what poses should feel like, rather than what they should look like. These classes are all about alignment that will keep your body safe and comfortable.


Hitting the sweet spot of flow is dependent on the right combinations of effort and ease. You should feel effort in your body when you practice vinyasa, but not so much you create exhaustion (and likely frustration).


Come explore your yoga sweet spot, and ground down so you can grow tall (like a bean).





Foundations is a workshop + flow class. Run in sessions over 4 weeks, we spend the first bit of class workshopping foundational yoga poses before moving into flow. We move through several core muscle groups and yoga poses to establish the strongest foundation for your future practice.

Have you been doing yoga at home during lockdown, but aren’t sure what poses should really feel like in your body? Are you a newbie to yoga?

This class will focus on explaining alignment so you know how to keep your body safe and happy. Designed for anyone who just wants to strengthen their practice, as well as beginners!

Note: this is not just a ‘beginners’ class – those with some yoga experience will still greatly benefit from core alignment techniques




This is a moderately paced class, open to all.

Designed to help move your body in unexpected ways, this class will be sequenced to keep you guessing and get you into the flow.

Modifications will be provided for different levels, but if you are completely new to yoga, you may find more enjoyment by joining Foundations as a starting point to develop comfort within your body.